If Turkey Had 100 People

The distributions in this display represent the population over the age of 18. The calculations of these ratios, which reveal the situation of Turkey’s society in different areas, are based on 125 different research we conducted throughout Turkey for 11 years within the scope of the KONDA Barometer, and the data of the KONDA Lifestyles Survey, which was repeated 3 times between 2008-2018.

Rates based on the latest 2021 surveys are also compared to 10 years ago. Based solely on KONDA research data, this display allows you to look at a high-resolution photograph of Turkey’s society as much as you want. When you examine the 10-year change, you will have a chance to perceive the story revealed by society.

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The distributions in this display have been compiled from the data of the KONDA Barometer and the KONDA Lifestyles Survey. Most of the rates in the screening were collected that year and were calculated from the aggregated data of 11 different studies in which the same sampling method was applied. Some distributions may be based on the data of a single study conducted in that year, or the combined data of more than one study may be used. Each of the rates in this display has been calculated using data from at least 2700 and at most 33 thousand people.

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