KONDA Interactive

At KONDA, we believe that every individual, actor and institution needs to understand the social structure.

During the past 8 years, we interviewed more than 230 thousand people as part of 83 Barometer researches, focused on over 50 topics, and created the KONDA DATA SILO which offers insight for people from every profession, from politicians to finance specialists, holding managers, bureaucrats and technocrats. Using this data, we present analyses and interpretations to our subscribers and to the public at large. We also share survey datasets on our website.

The period we are living through could be described as a global interim glacial period. It is fueled by heavy conflict, high-tension and fear and our country, given its own internal dynamics, experiences this period even more intensely. KONDA has taken on the duty of contributing to itself, to this experience and to actors by producing information. It is for this reason that we strive to share as much information, as many applications and reports with the public as possible and to make our data openly accessible to academic institutions, university and other interested parties.

With this view in mind, we wish and hope that anyone who is interested closely examines our data and comes up with findings regarding their own field of research/interest and we open our interactive data visualisation system, KONDA INTERACTIVE, to the public for this reason.

We are proud to have brought to life a public service that is unprecedented for a research institution in Turkey and a rarity in the world.

We hope it is useful.

KONDA Research and Consultancy Inc.